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we keep cordial and friendly relation with our customers. our customers are like kings we respect give them enough time to take your time and obtain what you need.we are always ready to answer all your question .if we a customer demand for what we don't have we will always do our bsest to come our with out wishes

By using this system, consumers are assured a reliable supply of fresh, high-quality food at a reasonable price. By ensuring stability and that the farmer receives a fair return for their work, supply management also eliminates the need for subsidies or relying on taxpayer dollars: it allows for a healthy, sustainable industry where farmers can reinvest with confidence in their communities and business
The demand and supply parameters of the domestic static supply framework assumes that commodities vegetable oil products industry. Section one discusses are produced and marketed instantaneously. An the derivation of an inventory stock and production alternative and more realistic approach is to consider flow model of supply. This supply model is combined the role of storage explicitly in the problem formula with a classical static demand relation to give action.
All  exotic products need :
  • supplier  has been supplying farm products to EU for many years. The company spent its first years located next door to the BERLIN  International Airport. In the 2016, with an eye on the future, AGRARHANDELSGES was relocated to its current location 99, 22525 Hamburg, Germany. Tel:+4915216695019

  • Large collection of packages and insecticides 

  • Seasonal exotic products from seeds,fruits  to nuts

  • Full product  care service of grooming and boarding

  • Free educational seminars for our customers